Casual Space - Podcasting

Join Beth Mund, on her new Space Podcast: Casual Space Podcast  !!! She’s bringing stories that inspire, and the topic of technical space sciences down to Earth for us all, […]

Harry, Keith and I were in attendance for the 43rd meeting. Unfortunately it was a new low in attendance. web site comments: the site looks fantastic, with sections “about […]

MASS Meeting Notes Nov 6, 2015

MASS Meeting Nov 6, 2015 Last meeting was 9/25/15, 6 weeks ago, attendees Dean, Phil, Harry, Dave, Sylvio & I (6); Today is our 42nd meeting, in attendance special guest […]

MASS Meeting Sept 25, 2015 Previous meeting was 8/14/15, in attendance Dean, Phil, Harry, Jim A. & I (5); our 41st meeting; Library with Dean “Shine on Harvest Moon” Monday 9/28/15 7-8 PM […]

Hello, my name is James Mueller, co-founder with Dean Mikolajczyk of the “Midwest Astronomy and Space Society” (MASS).  You have reached our website!  This site is currently being updated at […]