Year: 2018

“It has been said that astronomy is a humbling and character-building experience. - Carl Sagan

MASS Meeting Notes for November 16, 2018

I started the meeting with a cool picture from the Hubble Space Telescope. The smile is the distorted image of a galaxy behind the two eyes which has had its light bent by the gravity of the foreground galaxies. The photo was taken with the Wide Field Camera 3 which astronauts installed during the last…
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Casual Space – Podcasting

Join Beth Mund, on her new Space Podcast: Casual Space Podcast  !!! She’s bringing stories that inspire, and the topic of technical space sciences down to Earth for us all, to help us embrace her experiences, science topics impacting us all, insights, and great interviews on this new and innovative Space Podcast! Make sure to…
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MASS Meeting Notes for July 20, 2018

We had a good turnout with Dean, Keith, Dave, Jim A. and myself in attendance. We started our 7th anniversary meeting with some of our recent experiences. I had finished COD astronomer Joe DalSanto’s two astronomy courses each consisting of 12 well produced videos available on YouTube. The course titles are “Stars and Galaxies” and…
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MASS Meeting Notes for April 13, 2018

We were a small group with only Silvio, Dean and myself in attendance. I started the night by sharing my neutrino knowledge that I acquired from a recent COD talk. Neutrinos were first proposed in the 1930s but not detected until the 1960s. About 65 billion neutrinos pass through each area of your body the…
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MASS Meeting Notes for March 9, 2018

Dean, Silvio, Dave, Beth, Chad and I were in attendance for the first meeting of 2018. Last minute work issues prevented Keith and Phil from attending. This meeting turned into a SpaceX Falcon Heavy and Falcon9 fest. I apologize to Dean for delaying our kickoff of the Carl Sagan Cosmos revisit. I promise to minimize my…
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